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Hello! This graphic community belongs to Helen @ heyly
You can find here many kinds of graphics made by me. The fandoms I make graphics for are different, but mostly it's Asian entertainment: TVXQ, Tackey&Tsubasa, NEWS and much more.
So I really hope that you'll like this comm ^____^


- Please comment to let me know if you like what I do or not^^.
- Please credit to heyly or renanoyume .
- Please do not hot link my graphics.
- Please do not claim any of my graphics as your own.
- Feel free to join / watch for updates.

numetto // marulove // thecitrus_star // cotton_cookie // worthless_art // shingetsuu // strawmelon // signofdream // mirror_frosting // yourhandsdown
If you're interested in affiliating please comment here.

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Social capital

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